I don’t know, looks a little high maintenance.

Have you ever heard a friend refer to someone as high maintenance?  It’s usually said after a compliment of some sort, where the person is attractive in some way, but high maintenance.

The idea behind that sentiment is that the positives of the person are outweighed by the negatives.  While it may look good on the surface, you have to do a lot of work in order to keep it from all falling apart.

I’ve known a few high maintenance people (not you of course, you’re wonderful) and it can be a challenge.  It can get even worse over time as the positive aspects diminish and the negative aspects keep right on going.

The same holds true in real estate and it is most apparent with condo apartment buildings and maintenance fees. Continue reading

Three Things to Know about February’s Real Estate Market

Earlier this month, the Toronto Real Estate Board released market statistics for February, 2017.

As you would no doubt expect, it showed a slow down in real estate, with lots more properties coming on the market and a more balanced market arriving.  People can sell homes for a fair price and buyers can move without worrying about for how much they can sell their oldest born child.

Sorry, I drifted off there for a second into a pleasant day dream.  Where was I?

Ah yes, the February real estate market.  Continue reading

Will we see a Foreign Buyers Tax in the GTA?

For a little while now I’ve been talking about the likelihood of the government fiddling with the Ontario housing market again.

When it arrives, it will probably be called an intervention or policy change or some other wording that communicates certainty and precision.

Make no mistake though, it will be fiddling.  I call it that because it will be done with the hope it will help, rather than the certainty it will help. Continue reading

Read between the lines

Did you ever hear that 90% of communication is non-verbal?

Or that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it?

The longer I work in real estate, the more I realize that communication is one of the most crucial factors in succeeding (or failing) to help a client.

Fortunately, me speak words far bester than mostly of agents.

In all seriousness, when I talk about communication being important, I’m not talking simply about being able to clearly express myself.  Now, I know my clients appreciate it when I can break down a complex process like buying or selling a home into clear steps.

There is another aspect of communication that is also extremely important for a Realtor – the ability to read between the lines. Continue reading

Three Things to Know about January’s Real Estate Market

Earlier this month, the Toronto Real Estate Board released market statistics for January, 2017.

Traditionally, January is one of the slowest months of the year.

Mind you, traditionally we rode horses and went to sleep as soon as it got dark.

When I read these latest statistics about the GTA real estate market, I started yearning for the good old days.  I don’t know how to ride a horse, but I think I might learn. Continue reading

About 20,000 people came to my family reunion!

I know that 20,000 people seems excessive when it comes to a family reunion.

Truth be told, I’m not related by blood to those 20,000. My own family is shy by about 19,970 of that number.

The family reunion I’m talking about is the Keller Williams Family Reunion, which is the name of our annual conference where we get together, hear about how the company is doing, our plans for the upcoming year and learn from the best of our company. Continue reading

Which of these three buyer types are you?

Every once in a while, a word or saying suddenly seems to be everywhere.

Whether it’s people in the six being really on fleek or some basic bae showing up totally turnt, it can be confusing to understand at first.

(Full disclosure, I have no idea what the above sentence means.)

One term I’ve been seeing recently is “special snowflake”, often used to describe someone who is convinced they are unique and different despite being just like everyone else.

I have some sympathy for people who think they are unique and different and one of a kind.  Probably because I am unique and different and one of a kind, just like you. Continue reading

I keep seeing homes that are bargains.

I know what you’re thinking.  Jeff has lost it.  First he made that decision to buy a pair of white dress shoes, and now he’s trying to say he sees homes that are bargains?  He clearly needs help.

Let me explain.

For over six years now I’ve been a full-time real estate agent.

I’ve helped close to a hundred buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.

Conservatively speaking, I’ve seen over a thousand properties during that time.

I see good houses and I see bad houses.

I see overpriced places and I see underpriced places.

I see…wait a minute, let’s go back a second.

I see underpriced places. Continue reading

There is, in fact, a wolf.

I don’t have much time left.

As soon as I wrote the first draft of this article, the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) dispatched a team of crack mercenaries to kidnap me.  It’s a little known fact that TREB monitors all Realtor computers and as soon as one of us starts talking about the market correcting, they take action.

It’s even worse if a Realtor uses the words “crash” and “market” in the same paragraph.  If that happens, they disappear within 48 hours.  I had a friend who emailed me about a car accident at the local farmer’s market on a Sunday and by Tuesday he was “finding himself” in Peru.

So I’m going to keep this brief because I don’t how long I have before they arrive. Continue reading

Who do you trust?

First off, let me be clear that this is not going to be about Donald Trump.

Sure, I’ve read about 16 articles today about the Donald.

Most of them focused on how awkward and embarrassing the pre-inauguration concert was for everyone who attended, watched or even performed.  I cringed a bit even reading about it.

So while the presidential inauguration is on everyone’s mind today, I thought I’d offer an alternative focus for those of us who are getting pretty tired of that topic.

Let’s talk about trust. Continue reading